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 Confusion Dance Quest

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PostSubject: Confusion Dance Quest   Thu Oct 09, 2008 1:37 am

Kieutie wrote:
lvl recommendation: 25-30+ bring aoes & friends! Cool

17 free inventory spaces for awards as well as the following items:
+20 wobbly jellies [globs in well or townhall]
+20 liquid rubbers [zombies in townhall]
+10 vine whips [rats in townhall]
+10 spider threads [zombies in farrell crypt]
+20 pacifiers [tadpoles in well]
+20 embroidered handkerchiefs [king-size kukuu mamas in phoenix tower]
+20 bear wood carvings [casks in inn]
+20 winged coronets [pupu president corpse in inn/moths in copperhorn mountain]
+10 burial bands [pupu president corpse]
+10 ancient copper coins [casks]
+20 chicken stocks [divine kuku eggs or kuku papa in phoenix tower]
~500 gold~

1] Come see Rona Rohan at the back of the planetarium.
-You will need 20 wobbly jellies and arrive in time around 12 p.m. - 2 p.m. at (185,277) in pandora's platform Eversun South.

2] After you hand the wobbly jellies to the lil brat, she's gonna tell on you to her mom Nina Noah in Placid Plain. (forgot coords) =X
-You will need 20 liquid rubbers.

3] After you rub the liquids onto Nina Noah at (164,288) at around 10 p.m. - 12 a.m., she's gonna ask you to visit her mother at Copperhorn Mountain.
-You will need 10 vine whips & 10 spider threads.

4] Old Crone in Copperhorn at (542,708) will then require you to deliver those vine whips & spider threads to Swan Lake at around 4 a.m. - 6 a.m.

5] Find Old Crome near Neptune Temple at (170,450) in between 4 a.m. - 6 a.m. & hand her the items.

6] After all the ruckus & talks, fly to Ol'Phil at (425,170) in Swan Lake.
-You will need 20 pacifiers.

7] After he sucks on the pacifiers, he's gonna wanna bite you ;o & then you're gonna fight his ghost: lvl 18 thief.

8] Then you are required to head to copperhorn Mountain to look for Ol'Carl at (475,355).
-You will need 20 embroidered handkerchiefs.

9] Again you will need to fight the villager's possessed self: lvl 20 commoner.

10] Then head to south Eversun & look for Ol'James at (474,482).
-You need 20 bear wood carvings.

11] Then again they get weird & you'll be engaged in another combat with a lvl 20 commoner.

12] Now head north Eversun and fly to Ol' Jim at (620,615).
-You Will need 20 winged coronets.

13] And of course...they get all weird with a hissy fit and you have to kick their butt to calm their nerves down Razz lvl 20 commoner

14] Now you're gonna head deep into Farrel Crypt and investigate with Ol'Mick at the very end near the portal located around (353,100).
-You will need 10 burial bands & 10 ancient copper coins.

15] And then bam! another battle with three lvl 20 commoners.

~King Collete/Collins will appear after the fight & hand you your rewards: costume box #3, lantern, random onyx, and underwear.


1] Go to Placid Plain and look for Old Man Shaun at (165,470) and aide his poor health.
-You will need 20 chicken stocks.

2] Teleport or walk back to Eversun City and look for Dayne Coyne in Town Hall at (126,195). Give him 500g and report the kidnapping of some girl.

3] Then head all the way back to Swan Lake and FLY to the V pad first then RUN to Citizens' Society Member Rick Reese at (180,158). [non-flying zone]

4] Run over to the Dog King lvl 25 blademaster & whoop his butt.

5] Go over to the ducks and bring them over to the hobo.
+You can only bring over 1 at a time.
+Walk slowly to keep the duck from straying away from you.
+BE CAREFUL. A bunch of DOGS will suddenly appear and attack your duck. I would suggest you bring mock or a strong aggro skill to get the monsters off the lil duckies.

6] Now go over to the Traders' Association at (345,397) and talk to Mr. Marshall

7] Travel to Phoenix Tower and get 20 Itch-Eze by King Size Kuku Eggs and then return it to Mr. Marshall.

8] Go back to the Marshall at (345,397) and fight a bunch of weak Stan's Mercenaries.

9] After that, head to Placid Plain and to face the Foul Beggars Gang at (359,697). Then you're gonna fight four lvl 24 commoners.

10] Run back to Swan Lake and find Rick Reese at (180,158). [non-flying zone]. So you'll have to land at the nearby V pad then run to Rick Reese. Then you'll be fighting a few lvl 25 fencers & lvl 25 blademasters that were trailing you.

~After the fight, you'll receive a random onyx, a Thank You letter, magical box #2, and some experience points.


Experience Points
2 Random Onyxes
Thank You Letter

1 Evilproof Chest [the underwear]

Evilproof Chest originally posted

1 Mysterious Dressing Box #2

1 Mysterious Dressing Box #3

1 Dream Ghost's Lantern

1 Duck Gift Box

~please feel free to give me your suggestions as well as corrections if any of the informations are inaccurate ^^

This Quote was taken from Aeria's forums and can be found here


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Confusion Dance Quest
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