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 03rd March Meeting

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PostSubject: 03rd March Meeting   Sat Apr 04, 2009 1:03 am

Felix Gonzalez has joined the conference.

Jazz Reah has joined the conference.

Kenneth Frankland has joined the conference.

Felix Gonzalez: Hello, hello.
Kenneth Frankland: *rapes twi as the opening ceremony*
Twi: !
Felix Gonzalez:
Felix Gonzalez:
Kenneth Frankland:
Felix Gonzalez: In any case, what are we discussing?
Twi: ok so Whos going to be in charge of recruting and keeping the fuild full while im on my break? o.o i just added choo someone poke him to get in here
Kenneth Frankland: I'm on my spring break this week, and I'll be in virginia from sunday to sunday.
Twi: ok
Felix Gonzalez: I can take care of it but I'm terrible in positions of authority and recruiting people. Then again, I can type a mean sentence.
Brian Yearight has joined the conference.

Twi: woot theres one just waiting on espy now
Evie Evo has joined the conference.

Evie Evo: test two three
Twi: ok there we go all here
Felix Gonzalez: By that, I mean a good sentence. Wordy yet relaxing.
Evie Evo: gosh, at least lemme settle in before rushing me in
Evie Evo: i just got home
Brian Yearight:
Kenneth Frankland: I say we let the guild go into a state of anarchy, and panic. Then swoop down like gods, and force everyone to pay me... I mean us tribute!
Brian Yearight: good plan
Evie Evo: to an extent
Brian Yearight: oh wth, double type again >.>
Twi: ok for anyone who doesnt know my mule is .:Nyx:. i dont want anyone to know its me except you and avo
Kenneth Frankland: All in favor raise your swords! *raises his sworD*
Felix Gonzalez: Duly noted.
Evie Evo: oh, so thats u
Brian Yearight: ima leave again, plz re-inv
Brian Yearight has left the conference.

Felix Gonzalez: Ok.
Twi: yup that was mean you was being mean to ;o; xD
Brian Yearight has joined the conference.

Brian Yearight: o.o
Evie Evo: oh well
Brian Yearight: yay
Evie Evo: get used to it
Felix Gonzalez: Now, to the matters at hand...
Twi: get used to it?
Evie Evo: i think me and twisty are only ones not using our real names
Kenneth Frankland: That's a little crude :/
Evie Evo: for yahoo
Twi: >.> anyway
Brian Yearight: i have half my real name
Evie Evo: i never use my real name, usually just my nickname
Evie Evo: i think im settled here, continue
Twi: while im on my powerless mule whos gonna be in charge or keeping the guild full? XD
Brian Yearight: The current elders can make a group effort
Kenneth Frankland: Shot-not because I'm on my break
Jazz Reah: I will !
Evie Evo: im usually on Lunia
Felix Gonzalez: I'll try. xD
Evie Evo: i'll help whenever i get on domo
Kenneth Frankland: Well twi, how long are you gonna be "away" for?
Twi: yeah geos going on break and espy concentraiting on lunia, but you could work on filling up lunia guild xD
Evie Evo: a month i think
Twi: till may the 1st
Evie Evo: twisty, i thought u were being on lunia too
Brian Yearight: Well elders can run as a group. any elder willing to help say Aye
Kenneth Frankland: Once I return I'll help out as best I can ^^
Brian Yearight: Aye
Felix Gonzalez: Aye, lass.
Twi: i will be but not as much till i can fix this computer
Evie Evo: i see
Twi: i need to get it to connect to the internet lol
Brian Yearight: just me n leaf? alrighty then
Brian Yearight:
Kenneth Frankland: Arg... ye be drivin' a hard bargain lad. But I say's 'aye' anyway!
Felix Gonzalez: Yar.
Brian Yearight: cool, geo in
Evie Evo: i hate clem now
Brian Yearight: o.o
Twi: why?
Kenneth Frankland: But only after me vacation to Virginia
Evie Evo: the day after i spend all my ap, she realeases a pet token inter stone promo
Brian Yearight: lol
Evie Evo: i still got my cheerleader suit and hairdye
Kenneth Frankland: lol I've learned to just laugh about that stuff... it happens fairly often too >_>
Brian Yearight: so, back to topic, me and leaf till geo comes back
Brian Yearight: ?
Twi: yup
Twi: ok i kicked the ones that hit 30 today
Evie Evo: i'll drift on every so often
Kenneth Frankland: Sounds like it, you two are a good team.
Felix Gonzalez: Yar, the infamous Domo promo timing of El Diablo.
Evie Evo: like right now
Felix Gonzalez: I guess. xD
Twi: ok so next o.o
Kenneth Frankland: quick question, what do "Light wings Test Mode" do?
Brian Yearight: Settled
Evie Evo: speed
Twi: i think they up movement speed and give you wings on your head
Evie Evo: increase speed for an hour
Brian Yearight: what about Jay?
Twi: jays semi afk
Evie Evo: but other speed buffs like fastgetaway cancel it
Kenneth Frankland: Ah, alright. I'll not waste my money on them then
Brian Yearight: wel im sure he will be willing to help
Jazz Reah: She!*
Brian Yearight: she*
Kenneth Frankland: it*
Jazz Reah: o.o
Brian Yearight: >. >
Jazz Reah: ihu D:
Evie Evo: lol
Kenneth Frankland: <3's for jay :3
Twi: *rapes jay* anyway next on the list o.o whos going to bug me to kick people who hit 30 days?
Jazz Reah: meeeeeeee
Twi: lol ok
Brian Yearight: only if we reach a guild member limit
Kenneth Frankland: Oh yeah what's the status on taitai?
Jazz Reah: not to be kicked xD
Twi: tai is trying to get a flat in states
Kenneth Frankland: I know we can't ban her <_<
Kenneth Frankland:
Kenneth Frankland: I luff her too much to let anyone ban her
Twi: X3
Brian Yearight: i think we have 1 person above 30d, but no one will be removed until we reach 55/55
Evie Evo: -sigh-
Kenneth Frankland: Darkmanus is the only one close to 30 days now
Kenneth Frankland:
Evie Evo: im liking espeon's look here
Kenneth Frankland: he's 1 day away
Twi: ok leafy and espy gonna be on lunia more than me, socialize, get the guild popular x3 and once i finished sorting out super puter and its network problems i can be on both games xD
Evie Evo: cheeleader suit, kitty ears
Evie Evo: angel wings
Brian Yearight: am I like the only elder here NOT playing Lunia?
Twi: no
Twi: geo isnt
Brian Yearight: me n geo?
Evie Evo: my jay and leaf all play lunia
Felix Gonzalez: Hmmm, ok. I like Lunia's gameplay. Combo the monsters to Oblivion!
Kenneth Frankland: I have lunia I just like domo's look, and key's better
Evie Evo: yea, lunia has weir dkey setting
Twi: lol
Evie Evo: but once u get used to it
Felix Gonzalez: You can change it you know....
Evie Evo: it isnt so bad
Brian Yearight: didnt know Lunia existed until u brought it up
Evie Evo: and u can change key config
Twi: i played it before domo
Kenneth Frankland: I know you can I haven't bothered with it yet
Evie Evo: before u hit big orange start game, there is a options button
Evie Evo: yea
Jazz Reah: D: poor danielle and ronnie ;o;
Jazz Reah: sorry xD
Twi: i know right!
Felix Gonzalez: Ok.
Nick Johnson has joined the conference.

Brian Yearight: is the domo webiste lagging or is it just my internet?
Evie Evo: for a second i thought u named ur ruby squirtle leafy
Twi: ok what can we do to improoove the guild? XD
Brian Yearight: which one twi?
Brian Yearight:
Twi: they having prblems with the site and the forums down
Nick Johnson: o.o I dunno
Twi: lol domo one
Felix Gonzalez: Hahahahah. xD
Kenneth Frankland: Fame sunday?
Brian Yearight: fame sunday
Jazz Reah: kay, im back and im now paying attention ^.^
Kenneth Frankland: Or do you guy's still do it behind my back?
Twi: i want to do that i want to item collect and fame collect on monday
Nick Johnson: Lies, Jay =o
Twi: sunday*
Evie Evo: hmm
Evie Evo: i'll collect whenever i can, i usually collect and lvl up a weak job at same time
Kenneth Frankland: I also had an idea a while back for the lower level users of the the guild
Kenneth Frankland: We dedicate one week a month to leveling up lower level jobs. Or choose a day every week to leveling up lower jobs and guildies.
Twi: what you lot think of guild parties to level low leveled jobs?
Evie Evo: im all for it
Nick Johnson: I'll help: all i can really do on low lvl jobs is pull and aoe, and slightly muse
Jazz Reah: Sure !
Felix Gonzalez: I'll do it. I got a few jobs in the lower level range. xD
Twi: seem as im working on my mule for a month xD
Jazz Reah: Same xD
Kenneth Frankland: It would boost guild ties, and help people to get to know others too.
Evie Evo: once we get higher lvl jobs, we can do guild LQs
Felix Gonzalez:
Evie Evo: do the Lv40 Lq as a team
Kenneth Frankland: I'd still just solo those xD
Brian Yearight: sry back. x.x
Jazz Reah: welcome back
Kenneth Frankland: Welcome home
Twi: there was something else i wanted to talk about but can i as hell remember it
Nick Johnson: OH! btw
Felix Gonzalez: Zug zug.
Kenneth Frankland: lok'tar!
Nick Johnson: Wedding, tonight, 7pm CST. Who needs invites?
Brian Yearight: Branch Competition ideas anyone?
Felix Gonzalez: I'll take one.
Twi: just remind me before the wedding
Nick Johnson: Alright, I'll be on DOMO 1 hours prior to wedding
Kenneth Frankland: I might be busy all night :/
Kenneth Frankland: I'll tell you if I can go if I'm actually home
Nick Johnson: Alright
Felix Gonzalez: Ok, send one to me by mail, if you can
Nick Johnson: Everyone here is invited
Kenneth Frankland: As for the branch competition we'd actually need everyone in evenly distributed branches, and figure out what the branches are going to "do"
Brian Yearight: i probably will be able to go
Nick Johnson: Leaf, I'll be on 1 hour prior to the wedding. I'll hand deliver it (though I might need more from Luna)
Twi: so anyone want to add anything?
Felix Gonzalez: Ok. xD
Brian Yearight: um...forgetting branch...guild event ideas?
Twi: and yeah we also need the branch elder 1 of which cant get on much and two still need branches
Twi: branch heads*
Evie Evo: guild monster party
Nick Johnson: Yeah, that I'm dead sexy, and Jay called me a noob on MySpace. That is all
Twi: lol
Evie Evo: see how many monsters u can bring into guild
Felix Gonzalez: Awwwwwwww. :3
Kenneth Frankland: Oh I've gotta run guy's.
Brian Yearight: wait..what esp?
Evie Evo: include pets, eggsploiters, pandora bow
Jazz Reah: Lies !
Evie Evo: box
Brian Yearight: bye
Evie Evo: umm, rhia did it once with FK
Kenneth Frankland: Goodbye fellow guildies good luck with the remainder of the meeting :3
Twi: ok geo this'll be on the forum so you can see what you missed
Nick Johnson: I got my Blue Water Snake then... XD
Felix Gonzalez: Peace, Papa Bear.
Jazz Reah: byebye Geo
Evie Evo: lemme find out where it is and i can get details
Felix Gonzalez: I got my Bananna Monkey with me.
Kenneth Frankland: Alright twi, I'll check the forums when I get home later
Evie Evo: but im pretty sure its like pet, vanity pet, eggs, pandora box
Felix Gonzalez: Everything's better with monkeys.
Evie Evo: see how many we can get
Brian Yearight: I was thinking of a small promo before we get into anything serious. 500g for every 1 fame point brought in during a week
Evie Evo: then pit them against each others
Twi: hmm maybe i could offer 100k to the first member to get so much fame, but how much fame should i ask for? XD
Brian Yearight: 1000k a bit much dontcha think?
Brian Yearight: 100k*
Twi: not if its a lot of fame xD maybe 10k for 10 people
Nick Johnson:
Brian Yearight: 10k is more reasonable
Twi: so how much for 10k?
Brian Yearight: we can do.. 10k = 10 fame
Nick Johnson: 20 fame? 15? I dunno
Twi: how about a whole set of dd elder, 25 fame? XD
Brian Yearight: 10 or 15 im thinking
Nick Johnson: XD
Nick Johnson: DD too hard for the little people =o
Evie Evo: 25 works
Twi: i'll knock it up to 20k for 5 people
Brian Yearight: 25, might discourage a few people to due it being a large number
Evie Evo: 20
Twi: im not saying they have to do the dd elder
Evie Evo: 20k for 20 fame first 5 peeps
Evie Evo: decent gold amount, decent fame
Twi: yup
Evie Evo: limited amount
Nick Johnson: I guess... I'll be on... Fiesta until the wedding o.o
Brian Yearight: ok, instead of all this, and having 1 winner... 1k for every fame point brought in during 1 week
Brian Yearight: for everyone
Evie Evo: lose too much money
Twi: hmm that could be a lot of gold giving out lol
Twi: i could end up giving out a lot more that 100k
Evie Evo: i suppose u'll be handing out the money cho
Brian Yearight: when i did it for my last guild..most i gave collective was 15k
Evie Evo: yea, this is a much more active guild
Brian Yearight: u don't know that
Evie Evo: umm, we stormed thru elder quests earlier
Brian Yearight: my old guild got very activ eduring these promos
Twi: o.o
Brian Yearight: ok then...throw out my idea....20k for anyone reaching 20 fame.
Brian Yearight: but do we include elders?
Twi: 20k for first 5 it makes it more of a competition
Jazz Reah: Easy ! xD
Brian Yearight: u people love competitions don't u?
Jazz Reah: yes
Nick Johnson: I won. 20k please =o
Nick Johnson: XD
Twi: makes it more fun x3
Felix Gonzalez: You decide that. I say make it for the lower leveled people and newbies. :3
Twi: i dunno about adding elders to it, its to try and encourage the people who dont collect fame to collect it
Brian Yearight: exactly
Twi: so i think just for members
Brian Yearight: and we know the elders are capable of that and more
Brian Yearight: members/brach heads
Jazz Reah: damn xD
Jazz Reah: I dont collect fame >.> <.<
Felix Gonzalez: I rarely do that. Me and my "Repetititious Korena/Chinese/Martian" thing. xD
Twi: XD *pokes jays mule which isnt elder* hahaha
Jazz Reah: Oh yeah xD
Twi: im bad pointing out loop holes
Jazz Reah: my mule already has 38 fame =P
Jazz Reah: i like you pointing out loop holes !
Twi: lol well i think i'll take down how much fame everyone has and then it will be added onto that from the day it starts
Brian Yearight: so 20k for first 5 people to reach 20 fame points. Open for branch Heads and below.
Nick Johnson: OH YES! xD
Twi: yeah
Jazz Reah: Gotcha. xD
Brian Yearight: ok. thats settled
Jazz Reah: Avo ima beat you >.> <.<
Twi: lol
Brian Yearight: Any last details anyone wants to throw in?
Felix Gonzalez: Here is another reward: Boot to the Head!
Felix Gonzalez: xD
Brian Yearight: boo
Jazz Reah: xD
Twi: i just taken screenies everyones current rewards xD
Brian Yearight: o.o?
Jazz Reah: ive gottten 5 points for lunia too xD


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PostSubject: Re: 03rd March Meeting   Sat Apr 04, 2009 1:04 am

Twi: the fame so far
Twi: im not rich on lunia so i cant work with that one yet xD
Jazz Reah: haha =P
Nick Johnson: I'm filthy rich in a MMO I LOVE
Felix Gonzalez: Same here. I'm just doing things here and there. xD
Felix Gonzalez: Combo and fishing. My favorite things to do.
Felix Gonzalez: I should keep playing Dark Cloud 2.
Felix Gonzalez: xD
Nick Johnson: I'm playing IRL
Nick Johnson: =o
Evie Evo: playing lunia atm
Evie Evo: gonan close conference now
Felix Gonzalez: Peace, espeon.
Felix Gonzalez:
Brian Yearight: Um, if i can throw this out there. Any chance, about the branches, less-incorporating race/gender so that branch competitions can start?
Twi: o.O?
Brian Yearight: cause right now not many branch members on. so if we can fix em up, more activity for competitions
Twi: how you mean?
Jazz Reah: I got a newbie into the guild xD
Brian Yearight: well If the branch heads can add some new, active players to their branches, get them active, and what i've said already
Twi: well mules branch obviously wont be counted, all members are usually added straight to their branch when they added unless i forget so there shouldnt be that many branchless people
Jazz Reah: hmm i think mules branch could kick ass xD
Twi: lol
Twi: http://trgf.forumotion.net/guild-events-f4/win-gold-for-guild-fame-t164.htm#1682
Brian Yearight: true. just throwing ideas. but yea, right now just no feel of any branch distinction right now
Jazz Reah: well it has 2 highish mules =P
Twi: well at the moment the only thing that seperates them is race and then not completely because host club holds male shura and humans
Brian Yearight: i know that much, just I dont feel there is much distinction. but thats just me, not u or anyone else
Twi: well what would you suggest doing?
Brian Yearight: Honeslty I cannot bring up any suggesstions at the moment. When i can think of any improvments, u will be the first to hear
Felix Gonzalez: Thunder and lightning! Just a little more and I get loyalty from--- Ok, I will have to retreat for now. Good luck and I'll do my very best! Cowabunga!
Twi: lol a moment of randomness from leafy
Brian Yearight: Well i am going to log on domo. Talk to everyone later.
Twi: okee
Twi: well anyone else have any suggestions?
Nick Johnson: Nope, none here
Jazz Reah: Noope, im crap at thinking of suggestions, if i have any ill say =P
Twi: ok ^^
Twi: well guess thats the meeting over then xD


15 Blademaster|23 Witch Doctor|33 Merchant|33 Martial Artist|40 Commoner|42 Dancer|47 Shaman|50 Thief|50 Wizard|50 Fencer|50 Hunter|51 Doctor|52 Musician|61 Mercenary
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03rd March Meeting
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