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 Just a few of my pics.

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PostSubject: Just a few of my pics.   Mon Feb 02, 2009 4:39 am

Ok, just so you all know, I can only draw what i see infront of me, i don't trace and some of these you might have seen during google searches.

So, first one is my dragon. Just a quick pencil scetch. The detail on its head and the membrain of its wings could do with more work but I'm too lazy.

Next is Shippo <3 One of his eyes has more black that the other >.> that was a mistake pen went thick D: other than that i was rather happy with it ^^

Next one is another InuYasha drawing, pencil scetch of Kagome telling him to sit. x3

Next is one I drew to use as a RP characted I called Cally.

Another one I drew for RP character


My RP character Akki... the eyes got fucked up D:

Another Pencil scetch, this time of the smexy Kakashi <3

I love this one even though the pens kinda ruin it.

Another one I drew for RP.

This is one of my favorits, it turned out better than I thought it would.

Another pencil scetch from InuYasha. Its from the episode where Kagomes in a play and they get attacked and he blows the place up thinking hes done a good job and shes like ._.

Quick pen doodle of Kagome telling InuYasha off x3

This is the bob the builder I painted for my 2 year old cousin x3

And finally, Nina Williams from Death by Degrees... *drools*

I have a couple more >_> but they deffinatly not PG-13 xD


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Just a few of my pics.
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